Senny is a certified UI designer and Illustrator 

based in Berlin, Germany


Her academic journey began in economics, but her passion led her to the design world. From a young age, She has had a deep appreciation for art and design, from making her own Barbie clothes to joining the art club at school or participating in the coloring competition and card design contest. Her aversion to poorly designed products has driven her to pursue a career in digital product design. Born in Bandung, Indonesia, then moved to Turku, Finland where she gained experience in illustrations before finally settling in Berlin, Germany. She graduated from the UI Design program at CareerFoundry and has since honed her skills as a designer and illustrator.


As an illustrator, Senny has contributed digital illustrations to a wide range of platforms including apps, books, and magazines. She infuses each piece with her own experiences, personal style, storytelling, and emotions.



As a UI designer, she leverages her experience to take on new challenges, blending artistry with functionality.

Her skill set includes expertise in:

– User interface design

– Concept development

– Wireframing and Prototyping

– Responsive web design

– User research and user testing

– Creating style guides

– Building a cohesive brand

– Designing symbols and iconography

These key skills enable her to consistently provide user-friendly and visually appealing solutions for digital products and experiences.


When she is not busy with a design project, you can find her attending local gigs, watching concerts, visiting exhibitions and museums, or travelling.


Senny is available for exciting collaborations and projects.